There must be something about February

I first “opened” this blog in February of 2011 and I returned, somewhat sheepishly to it in February of 2012. It wasn’t the embarrassingly long hiatus that got me, but that I had completely forgotten that I had opened the blog for business in the first place. I only found it when I began swearing at the outrage that someone else had taken my wordpress blog name and then discovered that I was the one who had already taken jwernimont. I was horrified to learn that I was running back over my own tracks a year later and I’m still marveling at that. I suppose I could say that I’ve made no progress in the last year, but I’m more inclined to argue that this is evidence of a stable set of commitments, ones not undermined by a busy schedule, a new baby, or any of the other vicissitudes of life. What is troubling however, is that I’m the blog version of a space junk creator – that is not a good thing.

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