Fall Forward Pub 159In the tradition of a “soft opening,” the Vibrant Lives interactive performance will be premiering October 2, 3, 4 as a pre-show event for Fall ForwiOS Simulator Screen Shot Aug 25, 2015, 11.01.15 PMard, the kick-off event for the dance season at the the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, School of Film, Theater, and Dance.

This is a fantastic opportunity to engage in a live, improvisational performance about every day “data shed.” Guests are encouraged to bring their cell phones, which we can then transform into haptic devices enabling an embodied, touch-based experience of the data that we “shed” from our phones in real time. This real time experience will be interwoven with kinetic movement, discussion, and improvisational dance. While a phone will make it possible to feel your own data shed, it’s not a prerequisite for participation and we encourage anyone who is interested in the ways that our devices create linkages and share in wider spaces to attend.

You can find more information about location and times at the link above. As a pre-show we will start when doors open and run for about a half hour each evening/afternoon.

This performance will include guest scholars-artists, Jentery Sayers and Nina Belojevic, both of whom are practicing maker-artists and digital culture critics. Sayers directs the¬†University of Victoria’s Maker’s Lab and Belojevic has worked as the Assistant Director of the Makers Lab and at the Electronic Textual Cultures Laboratory as Research Developer and Information Architect.