Spark! Mesa’s Festival of Creativity


Photo by Jessica Rajko.

Our first Vibrant Lives interactive installation and performance was commissioned by Mesa Arts Center. In this iteration, the Vibrant Lives team partnered with sculpture Bobby Zokaites to create three unique, vibrotactile sculptures. The three sculptures resonated with the collective data output of anyone connected to the local server via our ‘vibrantlives’ wifi network. Participants could lay, jump, slide, and climb on the collective data of the group – and they did! Each evening of the festival, we held an interactive performance. Building from the first performance installation, we continued work with the costumes and incorporated books and flashlights as props. Dancers implicated audience in the performance by lighting them, offering books and pages, and following them down the main campus corridor. Since the festival, the sculptures have been presented once again at Mesa Arts Center and will be presented at the Currents New Media festival in Santa Fe, NM in June 2016.

Performers: Brianna DelRosal, Sharon McCaman, Rebecca Olson Witt, Jessica Rajko, Sandra Schoenewald, Eileen Standley

Photo by Jessica Rajko

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