Numbered Lives: Life and Death in Quantum Media

Numbered Lives came out with MIT University Press in 2019. Using a two part structure to historicize the counting of life and death in Britain and the United States, Numbered Lives is a much needed history of the role of colonial, corporate, and religious thinking in our modern quantified lives. Two major media, pedometers and mortality tables, are featured in this wide-ranging trans-Atlantic media history.

I study the way we count dead people. I also make art in order to help people experience mass casualty events differently. Usually this is about the past. For the last several years I’ve been interested in mourning braids, a tradition that has some roots in Victorian England, but also more contemporary examples like the stunning work of Nene Humphrey. I recognized last week, during our first week of “social […]

Regular readers will know that I tend to respond to exclusionary, “field-defining” statements with bibliographies designed to highlight the work of people who have long been working on a particular topic. Below is the working document pulled from the google doc where it was created. If you’d like to add to the bibliography, please feel free to do so. This #AngryBibl was initiated by me and Nikki Stevens and published […]