Below you’ll find a portfolio of my creative-critical work. Click through to find out more information about a particular project.

Title Image for COVID Trace

Trace: Imagining COVID on campus

The Trace Project is a collaborative, exploratory, creative data visualization/materialization project created by Nikki Stevens, Christiana Rose, and Jacque Wernimont. Jointly supported by Dartmouth’s Neukom Institute and the Digital Humanities and Social Engagement Cluster, Trace was initially conceived as an opportunity to understand more about three dimensional data representation. With the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, we’ve had to adjust our original work plan and have been working on developing ways of sharing what was meant to be an embodied experience in a more distributed, individual way.


A project to help you visualize how much & what kind of data you are sharing when you use a wearable and/or implantable device.

Eugenic Rubicon

A multidisciplinary collaboration between Arizona State University and University of Michigan and that includes digital storytelling, data visualization, and the construction of interactive digital platforms. This project employs creative approaches to history, digital humanities, and foregrounds commitments to social and reproductive justice.

The Living Net

An interactive data installation that takes data about our bodies (leg movements, beating hearts, shopping desires) and returning them to bodies, if only in a remediated manner.

Vibrant Lives at Spark! Festival

Our Vibrant Lives sculptures just before opening at the Spark Festival. These objects gave people a way to sit and feel the amount of data they were sharing as the browsed the web.