The company that “Counter Trace” keeps

For UCSC’s Uses and Abuses of Data in Higher Ed Eugenia Zuroski on Where Do You Know From? (in convo with Katherine McKittrick and Minelle Mahtani) Dartmouth Provost’s report on faculty diversity 2017 On generalizability rather than universality, Max Liboiron Ronnie Casella in Wall, T. et al. “Schools Under Surveillance: Cultures of Control in Public Education.” (2009). Michel de Certeau Practices of the Everyday. University of California […]

Visualizing Energy Data or Visceralizing Energy Transitions

I’m stealing a moment from my weekend to put up a few in progress images and a short intro to a collaborative project that I’m really excited about. Titled “Energy Pools,” this piece was first conceived in late 2019 with Nikki Stevens. Imagining and prototyping began in earnest in January of 2020 and included Dartmouth undergraduate Caroline Casey. Then, as with so much research and work in 2020…Covid-19 transformed everything. […]

A Bibl for Spreadsheets (History and Cultures of/related to…will update with new materials soon 10/2020)

[1]    Lazar Raković, et al “Spreadsheets: How It Started” Accessed: Aug. 15, 2020. [Online]. Available: [2]    M. Friendly, “A Brief History of Data Visualization,” in Handbook of Data Visualization, C. Chen, W. Härdle, and A. Unwin, Eds. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer, 2008, pp. 15–56. [3]    “A Brief History of Decision Support Systems.” (accessed Aug. 15, 2020). [4]    D. J. Power, “A History of Microcomputer Spreadsheets,” Communications of the Association […]

Ways of sitting with loss…

I study the way we count dead people. I also make art in order to help people experience mass casualty events differently. Usually this is about the past. For the last several years I’ve been interested in mourning braids, a tradition that has some roots in Victorian England, but also more contemporary examples like the stunning work of Nene Humphrey. I recognized last week, during our first week of “social […]

An AI/Machine Behavior Working and Angry Bibliography

Regular readers will know that I tend to respond to exclusionary, “field-defining” statements with bibliographies designed to highlight the work of people who have long been working on a particular topic. Below is the working document pulled from the google doc where it was created. If you’d like to add to the bibliography, please feel free to do so. This #AngryBibl was initiated by me and Nikki Stevens and published […]

Sex and Numbers: Pleasure, Reproduction, and Digital Biopolitics

Below you’ll find the recorded talk that I offered for my scheduled plenary at the 2019 Digital Humanities Summer Institute. Due to back injuries (discussed in the beginning of the talk), I was not able to present in person. Instead the DHSI team played this recorded talk. I virtually attended on twitter as well to make it possible to have some Q&A. I’ve included the text of the talk at […]


This is a project to help you visualize how much  & what kind of data you are sharing when you use a wearable and/or implantable device. While self-tracking can be/can seem benign, the third-party collection and sharing of gathered data puts you at risk once data leaves your control. This is the first public iteration for WoundPerson and we would love your thoughts and reactions. Email: send your thought to us […]

Center for Solutions to Online Violence

According to a recent Pew Study, 1 in 4 women have experienced online stalking or sexual harassment. Labeled as “social justice warriors,” prominent journalists, media makers, and bloggers have been harassed and threatened for writing about economic inequality, education, and racism in popular culture. The culture of fear that is being created impacts not just professionals, but more perniciously, young women and men who are developing their habits and protocols […]