An AI/Machine Behavior Working and Angry Bibliography

Regular readers will know that I tend to respond to exclusionary, “field-defining” statements with bibliographies designed to highlight the work of people who have long been working on a particular topic. Below is the working document pulled from the google doc where it was created. If you’d like to add to the bibliography, please feel free to do so. This #AngryBibl was initiated by me and Nikki Stevens and published […]

Weaving Bigger Networks: on Joining HASTAC Leadership

I am a terrible keeper of happy, exciting secrets. The recent ASA meeting was particularly tricky given that so many of the people that I adore and who have helped to build HASTAC were there. I wanted to tell everyone how excited I am for the future of HASTAC and it’s new partnership with ASU. I wanted to talk about how we can continue to advance the work people are […]

Feminisms and Technology, a bibliography in progress

I’ve been working on a now forthcoming article on feminisms and digital archives (for Spring DHQ) for a couple of years now. While the article initially was going to ask if XML and XSLT (markup and transformation languages used in many digital archives) could be thought of as feminist, I ended up writing a piece that talks about how difficult that question is to even ask. There are incredibly complex […]

on histories, federation, and funding

I had the pleasure of offering a NITLE Shared Academics Seminar yesterday on the topic of Gender and Women’s Studies and Digital Humanities. We had a great group of people in attendance and there was a robust conversation around issues of infrastructure and funding. One of the challenges of being the seminar leader is that it’s a bit difficult to keep up with the chat while moving through a presentation, […]

Making it like a riot-grrrrl

I have returned to this piece in the context of the #digdiv2015 conference that is happening right now in Edmonton CA and I find a glaring problem – it’s fine on gender and it completely sucks from anything like an intersectional perspective. I’ll work to write a new piece drawing on this great event that I’m at (after I take time to enjoy mama’s day) and that piece will do […]

Feminism and Digital Humanities

I’m currently working on an article that considers certain digital archives and their technological structures from a feminist perspective. Of particular interest to me is the possibility of feminist technologies – can XML or the TEI (!) or some other markup specification *be* feminist? I’m not sure. As I’ve been working on this essay, I’ve noted a relative absence of questions about the politics of particular tools within the DH […]