Articles and Chapters

Below is a collection of articles, chapters, and other publications that I have authored or co-authored.

Refereed Articles and Chapters:

  1. Remediation, Activation, and Entanglement in Performative (Digital) Archives” (Follow up to “Performing Archives”) Archive Journal, Fall 2017.
  2. The Living Net: A Haptic Experience of Personal Data” with Jessica Rajko and Stejpan Rajko, CHI EA ’17: Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, May 2017, Denver, Colorado pp. 449-452.
  3. “Touching Data Through Personal Devices: Engaging Somatic Practice and Haptic Design in Felt Experiences of Personal Data,” with Jessica Rajko, Michael Krzyzaniak, Eileen Standley, Stjepan Rajko, Proceedings of MOCO’16, 3rd International Symposium on Movement and Computing, ACM Press, July 2016, Thessaloniki, Greece, pp. 16:1-8.
  4. “Poetical-Mathematical Women and The Ladies’ Diary,” The Palgrave Handbook of Early Modern Literature and Science, Lynn Tribble and Howard Marchitello, eds. (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017) 337-350.
  5. “Putting the Human back in the Digital Humanities: Feminism, Generosity, and Mess,” withLaura Wexler, Elizabeth Losh, and Ann Wu, Debates in the Digital Humanities 2.0, Matthew K. Gold and Lauren Klein, eds. May 2016.
  6. “Problems with White Feminism: Intersectionality and Digital Humanities” with Elizabeth Losh. Doing Digital Humanities. Constance Crompton, Richard Lane, and Raymond Siemens, eds. Routledge May 2016. pp. 35-47.
  7. “Performing Archive: Identity, Participation, and Responsibility in the Ethnic Archive,” with
    David S. Kim, Archive Journal, Special Issue “Publishing the Archive,” Winter 2013.
  8. “Reading for Rowdy Form/ Reading for Steady Form in Sir Philip Sidney’s Defence of Poesie,” with Corey McEleney, New Formalisms, Verena Theile and Linda Tredennick, eds. Palgrave Macmillan, April 2013. Pp. 116-139.
  9. Whence Feminism? Locating Critical Sites in Digital Literary Archives” Digital Humanities Quarterly special issue on “The Literary,” Fall 2013 (7.1).
  10. “Mapping Digital Humanities in Claremont,” Building Capacity in Digital Humanities, with Allegra Gonzalez Swift and Char Booth, National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education. August 26, 2012.
  11. “Discovery in The World: The Case of Descartes,” The Invention of Discovery, James Dougal Flemming, ed. Ashgate, 2010. Pp. 109-124.
  12. “Feminism in the Age of Digital Archives: The Women Writers Project,” with Julia Flanders, Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, (Vol. 29, No. 2, Fall 2010). pp 425-435.
  13. “New Scholarship, New Pedagogies: A View from the ‘EEBO Generation’.” Early Modern Literary Studies, Spring 2008 Special Edition, with Stefania Crowther, Ethan Jordan, and Hillary Nunn.


  1. Fictions of the Cosmos. By Aït-Touati, Frédérique, Translated from the French by Susan
    Emanuel. Chicago and London: Cambridge University Press, 2011. 261 pp. ISBN 0-226-01122-4.” Annals of Science, 2012, pp. 583-5.
  2. Evolving Hamlet: Seventeenth-Century Tragedy and the Ethics of Natural Selection. Cognitive Studies in Literature and Performance. Angus Fletcher, New York: Palgrave Macmillian, 2010.” Renaissance Quarterly, Winter 2011, pp. 1331-1335.
  3. Hysteria: The Biography. Andrew Scull, Oxford: Oxford UP, 2009.” Women’s Studies: An
    Interdisciplinary Journal
    , August 2011, pp. 814-817.
  4. The Word and the World: Biblical Exegesis and Early Modern Science. Kevin Kileen and Peter    J. Forshaw (Editors), New York: Palgrave Macmillan 2007.” Ambix: Journal for the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry, March 2009, pp. 90-92.
  5. The Alphabet of Nature. Francis Mercury van Helmont. Taylor Corse (Introduction), Allison P. Coudert (Translator), Brill Academic Publishers, 2007.” Ambix: Journal for the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry, March 2009, pp. 90-91.

Popular Media (editor reviewed):

    1. (Invited) “Knowing Why Revolution Must Come: Digital Humanities as Poetry and Prayer” in American Quarterly: Digital Humanities Special Issue.
    2. (Invited) “Creating Matrixes for Carework in Digital Cultures” in PUBLIC Special Issue: Digital Engagements – When the Virtual Gets Real, Syracuse University Press, January 2018. 2,000 words (100%).
    3. “Hearing Eugenics,” (official publication of the Sound Studies Association), July 18, 2016.
    4. “What Wearable Manufacturers Think Women Want,”, April 4, 2016.
    5. “Social Norms, Not Tech, Fuel Abuse” Women’s Media Center, February 11, 2015.