Feminists Retreat

Time is magical. Time to think, talk, and play. Time with movement, sunshine, and one another. Of all the resources that I need in order to do my work, the one I need most is time. In general, I can use more of this magical thing called time. But this post isn’t about lack, it’s about a brief window of abundance. The Human Security Collaboratory, which I co-founded this year […]

Wearables/Algocracy working bibl

As is my way, I’ve been working with a few folks on another shared bibliography – this time on wearables and algorithmic culture. I’m pleased that our reading list includes of number of important pieces/books by women and I thought I’d share it with others. Blogs/Forums Can computers be racist? Big data, inequality, and discrimination / Ford Foundation Critical Algorithmic Studies reading list   Articles/Books Abbate, Janet. Inventing the Internet […]

Ferocious Generosity

A while ago I collected a few items on my blog in preparation to write about openly feminist scholarship and thinking through what I mean when I say I am working toward a “more generous method.” At the time I was reflecting on the idea of “baked in” feminism that I first wrote about in my “Whence Feminism” piece. I was also grappling with a series of eruptions of misogyny, […]

No More Excuses

Male colleagues whom I respect, read, think with and sometimes disagree with: it is time. Time to see gender equity (at the very least) and our much touted inclusivity be realized. As a feminist I think dissensus is necessary and disagreement can be productive. I don’t want to hide our many differences. But it is time to stop behaving as if there aren’t any/enough/enough good women working in the fields […]

Build a better panel: Women in DH

I’ll skip the rant and get straight to the issue – can’t think of women who you might invite for keynote or other conference event? Let us help (crowdsourced list – you can add to the spreadsheet here – don’t worry about order and formatting, I’ll periodically fix). Pro-tip: the “Build a Better DH Syllabus” and “Build a Better List of Code Experts” are also great resources for this. [googleapps domain=”docs” […]

Generosity and baking it in…

A post in progress…I can’t write this all now, but I tonight I’m putting in some markers and will return to these fragments in order to help me think about what I mean by a “more generous method” by thinking about who is there in that generosity and as a way of grappling with my own recent feminist “baking” Three moments Clair Potter’s “Putting the Humanities in Action: Why We […]

A seasonal recap/forecast

There’s a lot going on these days that I’m excited about – here’s a short list: Liz Losh wrote up the first of our series of Digital Media and Learning posts about our Trust Challenge Addressing Antifeminist Violence work this year. The post follows on the summer summit held at ASU and announces the start of the Center for Solutions to Online Violence – a collaborative and distributed process of […]